Rule members

Represents an individual Inbox rule in the mailbox.

The following tables list the members exposed by the Rule type.

  Name Description
Public method Rule Initializes a new instance of the Rule class.

  Name Description
Public property Actions Gets the actions to be taken on a message when the Conditions are fulfilled.
Public property Conditions Gets the conditions that when fulfilled, will trigger the rule Actions for that Rule.
Public property DisplayName Gets or sets a string value that contains the display name of a Rule.
Public property Exceptions Gets the Exceptions that represents all the available rule exception conditions for the inbox rule.
Public property Id Gets or sets the Rule identifier.
Public property IsEnabled Gets or sets whether the Rule is enabled.
Public property IsInError Gets a value that indicates whether the Rule is in an error condition.
Public property IsNotSupported Gets a value that indicates whether the Rule cannot be modified with the managed code APIs.
Public property Priority Gets or sets the Rule priority, a value that indicates the order in which a Rule should be run.

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