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Rule class

Represents an individual Inbox rule in the mailbox.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices (in Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll)

public sealed class Rule : ComplexProperty

An Inbox rule is a set of Conditions, Exceptions, and associated Actions that enable clients to automatically organize, categorize, and act on messages as the messages are delivered to a folder. For example, a Rule can be created to require that any incoming mail that contains a certain string in the subject be automatically moved to a predetermined folder. Rule evaluation is triggered when e-mail messages are delivered in a user's mailbox or when messages are first saved to a folder. The Conditions in a Rule are evaluated against the properties of the incoming message. If the Conditions evaluate to true, the rule Actions are executed by the server.

The following example creates a new Rule and saves it to the messaging server. The rule contains an Actions and Conditions property. The Actions are:

  • The e-mail message is sent to the JunkEmail folder.

  • Assign a category of "Immediate".

  • Assign a category of "Internal use only".

The Conditions are:

  • The e-mail message contains the word "Interesting" in the subject.

// Create an inbox rule.
// If "Interesting" is in the e-mail's subject, move it into the Junk folder
// and assign two categories to the message.
Rule newRule = new Rule();
newRule.Actions.MoveToFolder = WellKnownFolderName.JunkEmail;
newRule.DisplayName = "MoveInterestingToJunk";
newRule.IsEnabled = true;

newRule.Priority = 1;
newRule.Actions.AssignCategories.Add("Internal use only.");

// Create the CreateRuleOperation.
CreateRuleOperation createRuleOperation = new CreateRuleOperation(newRule);
service.UpdateInboxRules(new RuleOperation[] { createRuleOperation }, true);

Any public static ( in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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