Recurrence.WeeklyRegenerationPattern properties

The following tables list the members exposed by the Recurrence.WeeklyRegenerationPattern type.

  Name Description
Public property EndDate Gets or sets the date after which the recurrence ends. Setting EndDate resets NumberOfOccurrences. (inherited from Recurrence)
Public property HasEnd Gets a value indicating whether the pattern has a fixed number of occurrences or an end date. (inherited from Recurrence)
Public property Interval Gets or sets the interval between occurrences. (inherited from Recurrence.IntervalPattern)
Public property NumberOfOccurrences Gets or sets the number of occurrences after which the recurrence ends. Setting NumberOfOccurrences resets EndDate. (inherited from Recurrence)
Public property StartDate Gets or sets the date and time when the recurrence start. (inherited from Recurrence)