AvailabilityOptions members

Represents the options for an availability request.

The following tables list the members exposed by the AvailabilityOptions type.

  Name Description
Public method AvailabilityOptions Initializes a new instance of the AvailabilityOptions class.

  Name Description
Public property CurrentMeetingTime Gets or sets the start time of a meeting to update with suggested meeting times.
Public property DetailedSuggestionsWindow Property gets or sets the time period for which detailed information about suggested meeting times should be returned.
Public property GlobalObjectId Gets or sets the global identifier of a meeting to be modified by the returned data.
Public property GoodSuggestionThreshold Gets or sets the percentage of attendees that must have the time period open for the time period to qualify as a good suggested meeting time.
Public property MaximumNonWorkHoursSuggestionsPerDay Gets or sets the number of meeting times that should be suggested outside of regular working hours per day.
Public property MaximumSuggestionsPerDay Gets or sets the maximum number of meeting times that should be suggested per day.
Public property MeetingDuration Gets or sets the duration, in minutes, of the meeting for which to obtain suggestions.
Public property MergedFreeBusyInterval Gets or sets the time difference between two successive meeting times in a merged free/busy view.
Public property MinimumSuggestionQuality Gets or sets the minimum quality of suggestions to return.
Public property RequestedFreeBusyView Gets or sets the requested type of free/busy view.

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