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Microsoft.Exchange.ServiceStatus.TenantCommunications.Data namespace

  Class Description
Public class Event Represents an event.
Public class EventInfo Provides the event information.
Public class EventInfoBase Represents information on events.
Public class Incident
Public class InternalMessageCenterMessage
Public class Message Represents a message.
Public class MessageCenterMessage Represents a message center message.
Public class PlannedMaintenance Represents a planned maintenance event.
Public class RegistrationInfo Represents tenant registration information.
Public class ServiceFeatureHealthStatus Represents health status for an Office 365 service feature.
Public class ServiceInformation Represents information for an Office 365 service.
Public class TenantDomainEventInfo Represents information for an Office 365 tenant domain.
Public class TenantEventInfo Represents information for a tenant event.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EventInfoType Specifies the event info type.
Public enumeration EventType Specifies the event type.
Public enumeration PlannedMaintenanceStatus Specifies the maintenance status.
Public enumeration ServiceStatus Specifies the status of the service.
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