This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DisconnectReason Enumeration

The DisconnectReason enumeration indicates why the OnDisconnect event fired.

Namespace: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.Smtp
Assembly: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport (in

public enum DisconnectReason
public enum DisconnectReason
public enum DisconnectReason

Member nameDescription
DroppedSessionThis server or one of its agents requested that the session be disconnected.
LocalThe disconnect was initiated locally.
QuitVerbThe sender sent the QUIT verb.
RemoteThe remote connector initiated the disconnect.
SenderDisconnectedThe connection to the sender was lost.
TimeoutThe connection to the sender timed out.
TooManyErrorsToo many protocol or authentication errors occurred.

Development Platforms

Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows Server 2003,

Target Platforms

Windows Server 2003