HtmlTagCallback delegate

The HtmlTagCallback delegate is called to enable custom filtering of specific HTML tags.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.TextConverters
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common (in Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common.dll)

public delegate void HtmlTagCallback(
	HtmlTagContext tagContext,
	HtmlWriter htmlWriter


Type: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.TextConverters.HtmlTagContext

A HtmlTagContext enumeration that describes the tag that is being filtered and exposes methods that you can use to control how that tag is output.

Type: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.TextConverters.HtmlWriter

A HtmlWriter object to which to write the filtered output.

The tags for which the HtmlTagCallback delegate is called are as follows:

  • a

  • area

  • base

  • form

  • head

  • img

  • image

  • input

  • link

  • button

  • select

  • optgroup

  • option

  • fieldset

  • textarea

  • isindex

  • label

  • legend

Note that callbacks occur when a tag is to be written to the output, not when it is encountered in the input.