Microsoft.Exchange.Data.TextConverters namespace

  Class Description
Public class ConverterReader The ConverterReader type is a read-only, forward-only pull mode converter based on the TextReader class.
Public class ConverterStream The ConverterStream class is a stream-based converter that can be configured for reading or writing.
Public class ConverterWriter The ConverterWriter type is a write-only converter that is derived from the TextWriter class. Source documents are written into ConverterWriter and the output is written into a Stream or TextWriter object.
Public class EnrichedToHtml The EnrichedToHtml class converts enriched text to HTML.
Public class EnrichedToText The EnrichedToText class converts enriched text to plain text.
Public class HtmlReader The HtmlReader class is a forward-only parser for HTML documents.
Public class HtmlTagContext The HtmlTagContext class is passed to the HtmlTagCallback delegate and is used to get information about the tag that caused the callback and to filter the tag as it is written to the output.
Public class HtmlToEnriched The HtmlToEnriched converts HTML to enriched text.
Public class HtmlToHtml The HtmlToHtml conversion object transforms HTML. It is used to normalize and filter HTML, convert HTML to use a different code page, and inject text into HTML.
Public class HtmlToRtf The HtmlToRtf class converts HTML to RTF.
Public class HtmlToText The HtmlToText class converts HTML to plain text.
Public class HtmlWriter The HtmlWriter class provides methods that allow you to easily write HTML tags, HTML attribute, and text to an output HTML document.
Public class RtfCompressedToRtf The RtfCompressedToRtf class extracts compressed Rich Text Format (RTF).
Public class RtfToHtml The RtfToHtml class implements a conversion from Rich Text Format (RTF) to HTML.
Public class RtfToRtf The RtfToRtf class implements a conversion from RTF to RTF.
Public class RtfToRtfCompressed The RtfToRtfCompressed class implements a conversion that converts from Rich Text Format (RTF) to compressed RTF.
Public class RtfToText The RtfToText class implements a conversion from Rich Text Format (RTF) to text.
Public class TextConverter The TextConverter class is an abstract base class representing a transformation of text or other data from one format to another.
Public class TextConvertersException The TextConvertersException exception is thrown when a data format error causes an unrecoverable error.
Public class TextToHtml The TextToHtml implements a conversion from text to HTML.
Public class TextToRtf The TextToRtf object converts from text to RTF.
Public class TextToText The TextToText object converts from text to text.

  Structure Description
Public structure HtmlAttributeReader The HtmlAttributeReader class provides a reader for attributes inside an HTML tag token.
Public structure HtmlTagContext.AttributeCollection The HtmlTagContext.AttributeCollection structure is a collection of HtmlTagContextAttribute structures that represent the attributes of the HTML tag that caused the callback to the HtmlTagCallback delegate.
Public structure HtmlTagContext.AttributeCollection.Enumerator The HtmlTagContext.AttributeCollection.Enumerator class provides methods that allow you to iterate over a collection of HtmlTagContextAttribute structures.
Public structure HtmlTagContextAttribute The HtmlTagContextAttribute structure contains information about an attribute in the current HTML tag.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate HtmlTagCallback The HtmlTagCallback delegate is called to enable custom filtering of specific HTML tags.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ConverterStreamAccess The ConverterStreamAccess type specifies the access mode for a ConverterStream object.
Public enumeration HeaderFooterFormat The HeaderFooterFormat enumeration contains values that determine how headers and footers are interpreted before they are inserted into converted output.
Public enumeration HtmlAttributeId The HtmlAttributeId enumeration contains values that represent HTML attributes.
Public enumeration HtmlTagId The HtmlTagId enumeration contains values that represent HTML tags.
Public enumeration HtmlTokenKind The HtmlTokenKind enumeration identifies the current token type being processed by an HtmlReader object.
Public enumeration HtmlWriterState The HtmlWriterState enumeration contains values that identify the state of a HtmlWriter object.
Public enumeration RtfCompressionMode The RtfCompressionMode enumeration indicates the kind of compression that will be performed.
Public enumeration TextExtractionMode The TextExtractionMode enumeration contains values that specify how text will be extracted.
Public enumeration TextToTextConversionMode The TextToTextConversionMode enumeration controls how text will be converted.