This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.vCard Namespace

Exchange Server 2010

The Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.vCard namespace contains types that enable you to read and write vCard data.

  Class Description
Public class ContactReader The ContactReader class isa a forward-only, non-cached reader for vCard data.
Public class ContactWriter The ContactWriter class writes structured vCard information to a stream.
Public class InvalidContactDataException The exception thrown when vCard data parsing errors occur.

  Structure Description
Public structure ContactParameterReader The ContactParameterReader class reads contact information from a vCard contact parameter.
Public structure ContactPropertyReader The ContactPropertyReader class reads the contents of vCard properties.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ContactComplianceMode The ContactComplianceMode enumeration sets the compliance mode for vCard contacts.
Public enumeration ContactComplianceStatus The ContactComplianceStatus enumeration defines vCard contact compliance errors.
Public enumeration ContactValueSeparators The ContactValueSeparators enumeration specifies valid separator characters for vCard data.
Public enumeration ContactValueType The ContactValueType enumeration specifies the data type of vCard property values.
Public enumeration ParameterId The ParameterId enumeration defines vCard data parameters.
Public enumeration PropertyId The PropertyId enumeration defines vCard contact component properties.