ISSOLookup2.GetCredentials Method (String, Int32, String)


Retrieves the user credentials for an application.

Namespace:   Microsoft.EnterpriseSingleSignOn.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.EnterpriseSingleSignOn.Interop (in Microsoft.EnterpriseSingleSignOn.Interop.dll)

string[] GetCredentials(
	string applicationName,
	int flags,
	out string externalUserName


Type: System.String

String that specifies the application name. This parameter cannot be NULL, an empty string, or contain spaces.

For SSOv2, application names are not case-sensitive, but case will be preserved. For example, ABC, abc, and AbC are considered to be the same application.

For SSOv3, case-sensitivity is preserved.

Type: System.Int32

Integer that specifies whether the credential cache should be bypassed. Using the Enterprise Single Sign-On Flags indicates that the credential cache should be bypassed.

Type: System.String

String that receives the external user name.

Return Value

Type: System.String[]

String array that receives the credentials.

To access this method, you must be an Application User. You can only retrieve your own credential.

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