Microsoft.Dynamics.Retail.Pos.Contracts.DataEntity Namespace

Public interface IAddress The IAddress interface.
Public interface IAddressBookPartyData Represents data returned by transaction service to help connect a party to a store address book.
Public interface IAddressBookPartyDataV1 Represents version 1 of the data returned by transaction service to help connect a party to a store address book.
Public interface IAddressV1 The IAddressV1 interface.
Public interface IAddressV2
Public interface IAddressV3
Public interface IAddressV4
Public interface IAffiliation Affiliation interface
Public interface IAffiliationV1 IAffiliation interface version 1.
Public interface IBankDropTransaction IBankDropTransaction interface.
Public interface IBankDropTransactionV1 IBankDropTransaction interface version 1.
Public interface IBarcodeInfo Barcode info object.
Public interface IBarcodeInfoV1 Contains properties to get and set the described member variables.
Public interface IBarcodeInfoV2 Barcode info object version 2.
Public interface ICardInfo
Public interface ICardInfoV1 Contains all information relevant to a card that has either been read with a stripe reader or had the values entered manually.
Public interface ICardInfoV2
Public interface ICardTenderLineItem The ICardTenderLineItem interface.
Public interface ICardTenderLineItemV1 ICardTenderLineItem interface version 1.
Public interface ICashTenderCountTransaction ICashTenderCountTransaction interface.
Public interface ICashTenderCountTransactionV1 ICashTenderCountTransaction interface.
Public interface ICorporateCardTenderLineItem ICorporateCardTenderLineItem interface.
Public interface ICorporateCardTenderLineItemV1 ICorporateCardTenderLineItem interface version 1.
Public interface ICreditMemoItem ICreditMemoItem interface.
Public interface ICreditMemoItemV1 ICreditMemoItem interface version 1.
Public interface ICreditMemoTenderLineItem The ICreditMemoTenderLineItem interface.
Public interface ICreditMemoTenderLineItemV1 ITenderLineItem interface.
Public interface ICurrencyInfo
Public interface ICurrencyInfoV1 The class that includes all properties of a given currency; how it is composed (with regard to banknotes and coins) and also its exchange rate.
Public interface ICurrencyItemInfo
Public interface ICurrencyItemInfoV1 The class that includes all properties of each entity of a currency whether it is a bill or a coin.
Public interface ICustomer The ICustomer interface.
Public interface ICustomerAffiliation ICustomerAffiliation interface.
Public interface ICustomerAffiliationV1 ICustomerAffiliationV1 interface.
Public interface ICustomerDepositItem ICustomerDepositItem interface.
Public interface ICustomerDepositItemV1 ICustomerDepositItem interface version 1.0
Public interface ICustomerDiscountItem ICustomerDiscountItem interface.
Public interface ICustomerDiscountItemV1 ICustomerDiscountItem interface version 1.
Public interface ICustomerOrderPaymentHistory ICustomerOrderPaymentHistory interface.
Public interface ICustomerOrderPaymentHistoryV1 ICustomerOrderPaymentHistory interface.
Public interface ICustomerOrderTransaction The ICustomerOrderTransaction interface.
Public interface ICustomerOrderTransactionV1 The ICustomerOrderTransactionV1 interface.
Public interface ICustomerOrderTransactionV2 ICustomerOrderTransaction interface version 2.
Public interface ICustomerOrderTransactionV3 ICustomerOrderTransaction interface version 3.
Public interface ICustomerPaymentTransaction ICustomerPaymentTransaction interface.
Public interface ICustomerPaymentTransactionV1 ICustomerPaymentTransaction interface version 1.0
Public interface ICustomerV1 The ICustomerV1 interface.
Public interface ICustomerV2 ICustomer interface version 2.
Public interface ICustomerV3
Public interface IDeliveryMode The IDeliveryMode interface.
Public interface IDeliveryModeV1 The IDeliveryModeV1 interface.
Public interface IDeliveryModeV2 IDeliveryMode interface version 2.
Public interface IDimension The IPosTransaction interface that represents a product variant dimension.
Public interface IDimensionV1 IDimension interface version 1.
Public interface IDimensionV2 IDimension interface version 2.
Public interface IDirPartAddressRelationshipV1 The IDirPartAddressRelationshipV1 interface.
Public interface IDirPartyAddressRelationship The IDirPartyAddressRelationship interface.
Public interface IDirPartyAddressRelationshipMapping The IDirPartyAddressRelationshipMapping interface.
Public interface IDirPartyAddressRelationshipMappingV1 The IDirPartyAddressRelationshipMappingV1 interface .
Public interface IDiscountItem IDiscountItem interface.
Public interface IDiscountItemV1 IDiscountItem interface version 1.
Public interface IDiscountItemV2 IDiscountItem interface version 2.
Public interface IEFTInfo
Public interface IEFTInfoV1
Public interface IEFTInfoV2
Public interface IEFTInfoV3
Public interface IExtendedLogOnInfo IExtendedLogOnInfo interface.
Public interface IExtendedLogOnInfoV1 Version 1.0. IExtendedLogOnInfo interface.
Public interface IExtendedLogOnInfoV2 Version 2.0. IExtendedLogOnInfo interface.
Public interface IFloatEntryTransaction IFloatEntryTransaction interface.
Public interface IGiftCardLineItem The IGiftCardLineItem interface.
Public interface IGiftCardLineItemV1 IGiftCardItem interface version 1.
Public interface IGiftCardTenderLineItem The IGiftCardTenderLineItem interface.
Public interface IGiftCardTenderLineItemV1 IGiftCardTenderLineItem interface.
Public interface IInfoCodeLineItem The IInfoCodeLineItem triggers interface.
Public interface IInfocodeLineItemTranslation The infocode item translation.
Public interface IInfoCodeLineItemV1 IInfoCodeLineItem triggers interface version 1.
Public interface IInfoCodeLineItemV2 IInfoCodeLineItem triggers interface version 2.
Public interface IItem
Public interface IItemV1
Public interface ILineDiscountItem The ILineDiscountItem interface.
Public interface ILineItem ILineItem interface.
Public interface ILineItemV1 ILineItem interface version 1.
Public interface ILogOnOffTransaction ILogOnOffTransaction interface.
Public interface ILoyaltyCardData Loyalty card data interface.
Public interface ILoyaltyCardDataV1 Loyalty card data interface version 1.0.
Public interface ILoyaltyCardDataV2 Loyalty card data interface version 2.0.
Public interface ILoyaltyDiscountItem ILoyaltyDiscountItem interface.
Public interface ILoyaltyItem ICreditMemoItem interface.
Public interface ILoyaltyItemV1 ICreditMemoItem interface version 1.
Public interface ILoyaltyItemV2 ILoyaltyItem interface version 2
Public interface ILoyaltyRewardPointLine Loyalty reward point line interface.
Public interface ILoyaltyRewardPointLineV1 Loyalty reward point line interface version 1.
Public interface ILoyaltyTenderLineItem The ILoyaltyTenderLineItem interface.
Public interface ILoyaltyTenderLineItemV1 ILoyaltyTenderLineItem interface version 1.
Public interface IMiscellaneousCharge IBaseLineItem interface.
Public interface IMiscellaneousChargeV1 IBaseLineItem interface.
Public interface IPeriod IPeriod interface.
Public interface IPeriodicDiscount IPeriodicDiscount interface.
Public interface IPeriodicDiscountItem IPeriodicDiscountItem interface.
Public interface IPeriodicDiscountItemV1 IPeriodicDiscountItem interface version 1.
Public interface IPeriodicDiscountV1 IPeriodicDiscount interface.
Public interface IPeriodV1 IPeriod interface.
Public interface IPharmacySalesLineItem IPharmacySalesLineItem interface.
Public interface IPharmacySalesLineItemV1 IPharmacySalesLineItem interface version 1.
Public interface IPinPadInfo The event arguments for PinpadEntryCompleteHandler.
Public interface IPinPadInfoV1 The event Arguments for PinpadEntryCompleteHandler version 1.
Public interface IPosBatchStaging The IPosBatchStaging record interface.
Public interface IPosBatchStagingV1 The IPosBatchStagingV1 record interface.
Public interface IPosBatchStagingV2 PosBatch staging record interface version 2.
Public interface IPosBatchStagingV3 PosBatch staging record interface version 3.
Public interface IPosTransaction The IPosTransaction interface.
Public interface IPosTransactionV1 The IPosTransactionV1 interface.
Public interface IPosTransactionV2 IPosTransaction interface version 2.
Public interface IPosTransactionV3 IPosTransaction interface version 3.
Public interface IRemoveTenderTransaction IRemoveTenderTransaction interface.
Public interface IRetailTransaction The IRetailTransaction interface.
Public interface IRetailTransactionV1 IRetailTransaction interface version 1.0.
Public interface IRetailTransactionV2 IRetailTransaction interface version 2.0.
Public interface IRetailTransactionV3 IRetailTransaction interface version 3.0.
Public interface IRetailTransactionV4
Public interface IRFIDInfo The IRfidInfo public interface.
Public interface IRFIDInfoV1 The IRFIDInfoV1 interface.
Public interface ISafeDropTransaction ISafeDropTransaction interface.
Public interface ISaleLineItem The ISaleLineItem interface.
Public interface ISaleLineItemV1 ISaleLineItem interface version 1.
Public interface ISaleLineItemV2 ISaleLineItem interface version 2.
Public interface ISaleLineItemV3 ISaleLineItem interface version 3.
Public interface ISaleLineItemV4 ISaleLineItem interface version 4.
Public interface ISalesInvoiceLineItem ISalesInvoiceLineItem interface.
Public interface ISalesInvoiceLineItemV1 ISalesInvoiceLineItem interface version 1.
Public interface ISalesInvoiceTransaction ISalesInvoiceTransaction interface.
Public interface ISalesOrderLineItem ISalesOrderLineItem interface.
Public interface ISalesOrderLineItemV1 ISalesOrderLineItem interface version 1.
Public interface ISalesOrderTransaction ISalesOrderTransaction interface.
Public interface IScanInfo The IScanInfo public interface.
Public interface IScanInfoV1
Public interface ISearchResult ISearchResult interface
Public interface ISearchResultV1 ISearchResult interface V1
Public interface ISearchResultV2 ISearchResult interface V2
Public interface ISignatureCaptureInfo ISignatureCaptureInfo interface.
Public interface ISignatureCaptureInfoV1 Version 1.0. ISignatureCaptureInfo interface.
Public interface IStartingAmountTransaction IStartingAmountTransaction interface.
Public interface ITaxableItem The common interface for taxable entities.
Public interface ITaxItem The ITaxItem public interface.
Public interface ITaxOverride The ITaxOverride interface.
Public interface ITaxOverrideV1 ITaxOverride interface version 1.
Public interface ITender The ITender interface.
Public interface ITenderCountTransaction ITenderCountTransaction interface.
Public interface ITenderCountTransactionV1 ITenderCountTransaction interface version 1.0
Public interface ITenderDeclarationTransaction ITenderDeclarationTransaction interface.
Public interface ITenderLineItem The ITenderLineItem interface.
Public interface ITenderLineItemV1 ITenderLineItem interface.
Public interface ITenderLineItemV2 ITenderLineItem interface V2.
Public interface ITenderV1 ITender interface version 1.
Public interface ITenderV2 ITender interface version 2.
Public interface ITotalDiscountItem ITotalDiscountItem interface.
Public interface ITSMarkItemReturned The ITSMarkItemReturned interface.
Public interface ITSMarkItemReturnedV1 The ITSMarkItemReturnedV1 interface.
Public interface IUnitQtyConversion IUnitQtyConversion interface.
Public interface IUnitQtyConversionV1 IUnitQtyConversion interface version 1.

Public enumeration AddressType Indicates the address type.
Public enumeration AggregateItemsModes
Public enumeration BlockedEnum The different types of blocking the customer.
Public enumeration CustomerDiscountTypes
Public enumeration CustomerOrderMode UI state of the order
Public enumeration CustomerOrderType Type of Customer Order
Public enumeration DirPartyType Obsolete.
Public enumeration DiscountTypes
Public enumeration IncomeExpenseAccountType The income and expense account types.
Public enumeration InfoCodeInputRequiredType This enum is used to determine when an Infocode is required.
Public enumeration InfoCodeInputType Specifies the Infocode input type.
Public enumeration InfoCodeTableRefType Specifies the table relationship of the Infocodes.
Public enumeration InfoCodeType Specifies the Infocode type.
Public enumeration ItemTypes
Public enumeration LineDiscCalculationTypes In Axapta this is found in the account receivable parameters under the price section
Public enumeration LineMultilineDiscountOnItem
Public enumeration LoyaltyCardTenderType Describes the tender type of the loyalty card.
Public enumeration LoyaltyItemUsageType Obsolete.
Public enumeration LoyaltyRewardPointEntryType Describes the entry type of the loyalty reward point line.
Public enumeration LoyaltyRewardPointType Describes the unit type of the loyalty reward point.
Public enumeration LoyaltyTransactionType Describes the source of the loyalty transaction.
Public enumeration PeriodicDiscountType
Public enumeration PeriodStatus
Public enumeration PosBatchStatus Specifies the possible status values of a batch.
Public enumeration ReceiptSettings
Public enumeration RefundAmountEntryType Refund amount entry type, stored in RETAILTRANSACTIONRETURNPAYMENTSUM table, ENTRYTYPE column
Public enumeration RelationType RelationType enum linked to the AX DIRPARTYTABLE
Public enumeration RetailAffiliationType List of retail affiliation types supported by the system.
Public enumeration SalesOrderItemType
Public enumeration SalesStatus AX Sales Order status values
Public enumeration SaleType
Public enumeration SearchResultType Search result type
Public enumeration SearchType Search type
Public enumeration TaxOverrideBy
Public enumeration TaxOverrideType
Public enumeration TransactionStatus //Change the transaction status to normal posTransaction.EntryStatus = TransactionStatus.Normal;
Public enumeration TypeOfDiscount Discount type applied to the transaction
Public enumeration TypeOfTransaction typeOfTransaction = TypeOfTransaction.LogOn;

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