Microsoft.Dss.Services.SubscriptionManager Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class Contract
Public class DeleteSubscription
Delete. Removes subscription
Public class DeleteSubscriptionMessage
Delete subscription request
Public class Get
Public class InsertReliableSubscription
Insert. Adds reliable subscription
Public class InsertReliableSubscriptionMessage
Insert request body. Request to add a reliable subscription
Public class InsertSubscription
Insert. Adds subscription
Public class InsertSubscriptionMessage
Insert request body. Adds a standard subscription
Public class KeyListType
List of subscription keys
Public class QueryType
Qeury request body
Public class ReinstatedSubscriptionHeader
SOAP Header indicating notifications might have been missed.
Public class Submit
Submit. Used to deliver operations that need to be forwarded as notifications to subscribers
Public class SubscriptionListType
Subscription manager state. List of active subscriptions
Public class SubscriptionManagerPort
Subscription manager operations port
Public class SubscriptionType
Subscription request body
Public class UpsertReliableSubscription
Upsert. Adds a new subscription if one with the same properties is not present. Modifies existing one otherwise
Public class UpsertSubscription
Upsert. Adds new subscription or modifies existing one

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration FilterType
Filter method used for filtered subscriptions