Microsoft.Dss.Services.Serializer Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class BinarySerializationHelper
Helper methods for binary serialization
Public class CloneHelper
Cloning Helper
Public class DataCache
Dss Infrastructure use. Runtime type and assembly caching logic
Public class Deserialize
Request to deserialize into an untyped object instance
Public class Deserialize<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Request for strongly typed deserialization
Public class DeserializeRequestBase
Common class for deserialization requests
Public class DeserializeResult
Deserialize success result
Public class SerializationRequestBase
Common class for serialization requests
Public class SerializerPort
Serializer service Port Set
Public class SerializerService
Performs serialization and deserialization for services.
Public class SerializeToXmlNode
Request to serialize object to a XmlNode instance
Public class SerializeToXmlWriter
Request for serializing to an XmlWriter instance
Public class XmlSerializationHelper
Xml Serialization Helper