Microsoft.Dss.Services.Forwarders Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class AttachToPath
Request to a set of forwarders and a transport to form a Forwarder Path for a service instance
Public class DetachFromPath
Request to detach from a forwarder path. Sent when a service is being shutdown and removed from the network
Public class DiagnosticsForwarder
Diagnostic forwarder used to capture all inbound/outbound messages
Public class DuplicateEntryFailureResult
Failure result when attempting to bind a URI suffix that is already bound on the target transport
Public class ForwarderControlPort
Primary interface to a forwarder. Port set defines messages a forwarder must handle
Public class ForwarderEnvelope
Message container for service to service communication through the DSS forwarder path
Public class ForwarderEnvelopePort
Forwarder envelope port
Public class ForwarderPath
Maintains a bound list of forwarder node structures that describe the message processing pipeline for a DSS service
Public class ForwarderPathNode
Forwarder path node. Every forwarder and transport in a path must fill in the FromPort fields so the path can be composed. The ToPort fields are set by the path builder service once it has all the nodes filled in
Public class ForwarderServiceBase
Common implementation class for DSS forwarders
Public class ForwarderShutdown
Issue by service to each forwarder instance so cleanup and shutdown of the path occurs
Public class PathCreationPhaseTwo
Message sent to all forwarders in the forward path indicating second phase of initialization can start
Public class ResolveUriToForwarder
Resolves a fully qualified Uri to an forwarder port representing the message pipeline for that service. If service is remote, this is the upstream forwarder to an outbound path. If the service is local, the returned forwarder port is the downstream-most forwarder in the inbound path to the service
Public class ResolveUriToForwarderResult
Transport resolution result in response to a ResolveUriToForwarder message
Public class SecurityForwarder
Security forwarder used to authorize messages

  Interface Description
Public interface IForwarderControl
Interface for forwarder control messages

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ForwarderConstructor
Forwarder constructor delegate

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DsspOperationProperties
NOTE: Flags field is serialized into a single byte so highest flag value is 128