Microsoft.Dss.ServiceModel.Dssp Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class Contract
Contains contract identifier for a service, also used as XML namespace for serialization
Public class Create<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Create operation
Public class CreateResponse
Default Response for Create
Public class DefaultDeleteResponseType
Default response for Delete
Public class DefaultDropResponseType
Default response for Drop
Public class DefaultInsertResponseType
Default response for Insert
Public class DefaultQueryResponseType
Default response for Query
Public class DefaultReplaceResponseType
Default response for Replace
Public class DefaultSubmitResponseType
Default response for submit
Public class DefaultUpdateResponseType
Default response for update
Public class DefaultUpsertResponseType
Default response for Upsert
Public class Delete<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Delete operation
Public class DiagnosticsHeader
header used for selective (Opt-in) message capture and tracing
Public class Drop<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Drop operation
Public class DropRequestType
A request to drop the service.
Public class DsspActions
Identifies the SOAP Actions defined by DSSP. All DSSP SOAP messages carries one of the Action values defined here.
Public class DsspDefaultCreate
Default Dssp Create
Public class DsspDefaultDelete
Dssp Default Delete
Public class DsspDefaultDrop
Default Dssp Drop
Public class DsspDefaultGet
Default Dssp Get
Public class DsspDefaultInsert
Dssp Default Insert
Public class DsspDefaultLookup
Default Dssp Lookup
Public class DsspDefaultReplace
Dssp Default Replace
Public class DsspDefaultUpdate
Dssp Default Update
Public class DsspFaultCodes
Dssp SOAP Fault codes
Public class DsspOperation
Common base class for all Dssp Operation types. Dss infrastructure uses information in this type to forward messages between services
Public class DsspOperation<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Strongly typed DsspOperation
Public class DsspOperationPortConfiguration
Advanced configuration of operation ports used for inbound messages
Public class DsspResponsePort<(Of <(<'RESPONSE>)>)>
Common response PortSet with one type argument for the success response type
Public class DsspServiceCreationPort
PortSet used for first phase of service start.
Public class Get<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Get operation
Public class GetRequestType
Required Get body type
Public class Insert<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Insert operation
Public class Lookup<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Lookup operation
Public class LookupRequestType
Required Lookup request body type
Public class LookupResponse
Default response for Lookup
Public class MessageTimestamp
Dss internal use. SOAP Header used for request timestamps
Public class NodeShutdownHeader
header present drop operations initiated for node shutdown
Public class NotificationHeader
SOAP notification header required for Notify dssp operations
Public class PartnerListType
List of Partners, also used as the state type for the Partner List Manager service
Public class Partners
Qualified names for common service partner roles. Can be used to assign a semantic to partner entries
Public class PartnerType
Contains information on a service partner
Public class Query<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Query operation
Public class ReliableSubscribeRequestType
Reliable subscription request body type
Public class Replace<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Replace operation
Public class ServiceInfoType
Service instance information.
Public class ServiceMetadataEntry
Dss Infrastructure Use. Reflection information on service attributes
Public class ServicePartnerMetadata
Dss Infrastructure Use. Reflection data on service partner attributes
Public class ServicePortFieldMetadata
Dss Infrastructure Use. Tuple of reflection info on service port field members and their attributes
Public class ServiceStatePolicyHeader
SOAP header indicating service state behavior for inbound DSSP operation
Public class Submit<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Submit operation
Public class Subscribe<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Subscribe operation
Public class Subscribe<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse, TNotification>)>)>
Subscribe operation with strongly typed notification target port
Public class SubscribeRequestType
Subscribe request body type. Required base type for subscribe requests
Public class SubscribeResponseType
Default response to Subscribe. Required base type for Subscribe responses
Public class Update<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Update operation
Public class Upsert<(Of <(<'TBody, TResponse>)>)>
Upsert operation

  Interface Description
Public interface IDsspSubscribeOperation
Required for all implementations of the Dssp Subscribe operation type
Public interface IDsspUnknownResponseOperation
Required for all DsspOperations where the response type is unknown at the time of the request

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DsspOperationQueuingPolicy
Operation policy for queuing requests on service ports
Public enumeration ServiceStatePolicyOnAction
Service state caching and persistance policy for a given DSSP action