Microsoft.Dss.Core.Utilities Namespace

Microsoft Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

  Class Description
Public class CustomSerialization
Custom Serialization
Public class DssDictionary<(Of <(<'TKey, TValue>)>)>
A Serializable Dictionary
Public class DssQueue<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
A Serializable Queue
Public class DssSerialization
Serialization Helpers
Public class DssSortedDictionary<(Of <(<'TKey, TValue>)>)>
A Serializable SortedDictionary
Public class DssSortedList<(Of <(<'TKey, TValue>)>)>
A Serializable SortedList
Public class DssStack<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
A Serializable Stack
Public class DssThreeDimArray<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Three Dimensioned Array
Public class DssTwoDimArray<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Two Dimensioned Array
Public class DssUri
A Serializable Uri

  Interface Description
Public interface IDssArray
Allows Dss multi-dimensioned arrays to be converted to System.Array

  Delegate Description
Public delegate CustomSerialization..::..AddListCommand
Custom override for the ".Add(elementName)" used to add a new element.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DssSerialization..::..CloneType
Clone Type