Microsoft.Dss.Core.DsspHttpUtilities Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class DsspHttpUtilitiesBase
Common implementation for Dss Http utility requests
Public class DsspHttpUtilitiesPort
Dss Http utilities port
Public class DsspHttpUtilitiesService
Internal utility service that helps with HTTP request/response handling
Public class HttpPostFile
Representation of a file uploaded through a HTTP POST request
Public class HttpPostFileCollection
Represents a name/value collection of files uploaded through a HTTP POST request. The collection supports multiple values per name through the GetValues methods.
Public class HttpPostParseException
Exception that is thrown if an error occurs during HTTP POST request parsing
Public class HttpPostRequestData
Contains data supplied with a HTTP POST request by a client, such as parameters and uploaded binaries.
Public class HttpRequestData
Contains processed data supplied with a HTTP request by a client, such as url encoded parameters
Public class ReadAllFormData
Extracts all HTML form data from an HTTP POST request stream. Supports both multipart and standard forms, as well as file uploads.
Public class ReadFormData
Extracts HTML form data from a HTTP POST request stream. Multipart forms (which are needed for file uploads) are not supported, for this purpose use ReadAllFormData instead
Public class ReadFormDataBase
Common ReadFormData class for form data parsing
Public class ReadRequestToStream
Reads from an http request stream and writes the data to a supplied output stream
Public class Utilities
Http utilities for handling HttpListener request/response
Public class WriteResponseFromStream
Reads the data from a supplied source stream and writes them to an HTTP response stream