Microsoft.Dss.Core.Attributes Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class ActivationSettingsAttribute
Attribute is used to specify the execution behavior and optionally what constructor type should be used.
Public class AlternateContractAttribute
Indicates that this service exposes an alternate contract.
Public class AlternateServicePortAttribute
The AlternateServicePort attribute decorates the alternate contract port(s) where inbound messages will be delivered to an alternate contract.
Public class ContractAttribute
This attribute indicates the contract URI of a service
Public class DataContractAttribute
Define a DataContract class
Public class DataMemberAttribute
Declares a Data Member in a Data Contract class.
Public class DataMemberConstructorAttribute
Use with [DataContract] to cause an initializer constructor to be created for every [DataMember] Use with [DataMember] to control the order of each parameter.

Order not supplied = class creation order

Order 0 = class creation order

Order -1 = Exclude
Public class DssCategoryAttribute
Categories are URIs that can be used to classify service contracts. By associating categories with a service it becomes possible to query across a set of services and determine which categories they belong.
Public class DssServiceDescriptionAttribute
Descriptions are human-readable strings and URIs that aid in documenting and clasifying an associated service.
Public class EmbeddedResourceAttribute
Used to automatically register embedded assembly resources utilized in HTTP or DSSP operations (for example XSLT documents).
Public class InitialStatePartnerAttribute
The initial state partner is a special partner that contains the state used to initialize this service. When applying this attribute to a field it will be initialized to the current state of the partner identified by this attribute.
Public class PartnerAttribute
The PartnerAttribute can be used to declare the partners a service communicates with at compile time. When applying this attribute to a field of a type derived from IPort it will be initialized to refer to a partner identified by this attribute.
Public class ResourceGroupAttribute
Resource groups can be used as common resource pool for a set of services
Public class ServiceDeclarationAttribute
This attribute is used to declare every type of Dss Assembly, including proxy and transform assemblies.
Public class ServiceHandlerAttribute
Specifies concurrency behavior for a Dssp operation handler
Public class ServicePortAttribute
The ServicePort attribute decorates the main port where inbound messages will be delivered. The activation processes will reflect on the service for this port and use it when binding to the forwarder path. The Dssp forwarder reflects on the port generic types to determine what Dssp actions are valid on this service.
Public class ServiceStateAttribute
This attribute should be placed on the service class field that stores service state. It makes the state instance visible to the DSS runtime so additional functionality can be exposed
Public class ServiceTypeRegistrationRequiredAttribute
When used in a proxy assembly this attribute indicates that the service assembly contains data contract types that are use custom serialization.
Public class SubscriptionManagerPartnerAttribute
Declares a specific partnership to the DSS Subscription Manager Service

  Delegate Description
Public delegate Transform
This delegate is for the transform code: proxy to source and vice versa.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DssServiceDeclaration
Valid Dss Service Types Usage: [assembly: ServiceDeclaration(DssServiceDeclaration.ServiceBehavior)]
Public enumeration PartnerCreationPolicy
Enumeration specifying partner service creation policy
Public enumeration ServiceHandlerBehavior
Dss service handler behavior regarding concurrency