Microsoft.Dss.Core Namespace

Microsoft Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Class Reference

  Class Description
Public class AllocateExecutionResource
Request for allocation of a CCR dispatcher and a dispatcher queue
Public class ConfigureTimeScale
Sets the timescale factor used for dispatcher queue timer calculations
Public class DiagnosticsProbe
Request for resource manager diagnostic information
Public class DiagnosticsProbeRaw
Request for raw diagnostic information, formatted as a single string.
Public class DssApplicationSettings
Dss Internal Use. Key/value pairs for CLR host configuration file used for DSS host executable
Public class DssCategories
Microsoft Robotics published categories. These categories are available for use by any Dss Service.
Public class DssCategoryPrefixes
Category prefix strings used by published categories.
Public class DssCombinedOperationsPort
Base implementation of a Combined Operations Port
Public class DssOperationsPortMetadata
A PortSet and it's corresponding contract
Public class DssRuntimeAssemblyNames
Common assembly names and locations
Public class DssRuntimeConfiguration
Runtime configuration
Public class DssRuntimeLoader
DSS internal use. Starts DSS runtime
Public class ExecutionAllocationResult
Public class FreeExecutionResource
Request to free a previous allocated execution resource
Public class LayoutPaths
Initialized with local file system paths to common Dss file system directories
Public class LogGroups
Log categories for Log method calls
Public class ResourceManagerPort
Resource Manager Port Set
Public class Schemes
URI schemes supported by Dss
Public class ServiceBase
Common class for internal(not accessible outside the Dss node) service implementations
Public class ServiceEnvironment
Holds important state, specific to the service instance, for accessing local node resources and services
Public class ServicePaths
URI prefix definitions for HTTP mappings of local file system directory. Path components are relative to URI of the current node.
Public class TS
Common TraceSwitch types for logging of trace messages.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDssCombinedOperationsPort
Interface which identifies the Combined Operations Port for a service.
Public interface IDssSerializable
Interface for DSS Serialization and Cloning

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DssConfigurationOptions
Message capture flags read from host configuration file