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IGameExplorer Interface

The IGameExplorer COM interface provides developers with the ability to register, remove, update games in Windows Games Explorer. Additionally, IGameExplorer provides an interface to check user permissions.
This interface is supported on the Windows platform beginning with Vista Windows release. Additional features are provided for Windows releases beginning with Windows 7 through the IGameExplorer2 interface.
Method Description

Registers an instance of a game with Games Explorer, and either uses a custom InstanceID or returns a generated InstanceID.


Removes an instance of a game from Games Explorer. Also removes permissions for the game from parental controls, as well as for any related rich media settings.


Notifies Games Explorer that the game definition file (GDF) for a title has been updated. This function call updates any permissions for the game in parental controls, as well as for any rich media information.


Checks whether the user has permission to play the game in the specified GDF.

interface class IGameExplorer

Header: Declared in GameUX.h.