DDLSourceType Enumeration

This enumeration provides values that indicate where the DDL source is located.

Namespace: Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Tasks.DTSProcessingTask
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.ASTasks (in microsoft.sqlserver.astasks.dll)

public enum DDLSourceType
public enum DDLSourceType
public enum DDLSourceType

Member nameDescription
DirectInputIndicates that the DDL source is contained in the Source property.
FileConnectionIndicates that the DDL source is contained in a FILE connection.
VariableIndicates that the DDL source is contained in a Variable.

The following code sample creates, configures, and executes a new ASExecuteDDLTask that loads the DDL statement to execute from a file connection. The sample uses the DDLSourceType enumeration.

using Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime;
using Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Tasks.DTSProcessingTask;

class Module1

  public static void Main()

    Package pkg = new Package();

    ConnectionManager asCM;
    asCM = pkg.Connections.Add("MSOLAP90");
    asCM.Name = "Analysis Services Connection Manager";
    asCM.ConnectionString = "Data Source=<servername>;" +
      "Initial Catalog=Adventure Works DW;Provider=MSOLAP.3;" +
      "Integrated Security=SSPI;Impersonation Level=Impersonate;";

    ConnectionManager cmdCM;
    cmdCM = pkg.Connections.Add("FILE");
    cmdCM.Name = "Command Source Connection Manager";
    cmdCM.ConnectionString = "C:\\ddltest.txt";

    Executable exe = pkg.Executables.Add("Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Tasks.DTSProcessingTask.ASExecuteDDLTask, " +
      "Microsoft.SqlServer.ASTasks, Version=, " +
      "Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd8080cc91");
    TaskHost thTask = (TaskHost) exe;
      thTask.Properties("ConnectionName").SetValue(thTask, "Analysis Services Connection Manager");
      thTask.Properties("SourceType").SetValue(thTask, DDLSourceType.FileConnection);
      thTask.Properties("Source").SetValue(thTask, "Command Source Connection Manager");

    DTSExecResult valResults = pkg.Validate(pkg.Connections, pkg.Variables, null, null);

    if (valResults==DTSExecResult.Success)



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