Microsoft.Data.Schema.Tools.DataGenerator Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

This namespace contains the classes that are used to define the parts of a data generation plan. Data generation plans are used to generate realistic test data for databases.

For more information about data generation in Visual Studio, see Generating Test Data for Databases by Using Data Generators.

Public classColumnConfigAnnotationRepresents configuration settings for a column in a data generation plan.
Public classDataGenerationServicesThis abstract base class is responsible for providing database schema provider-specific information to the data generation feature to enable data generation for that provider.
Public classDataSinkProvides an abstract base class for methods and properties used to store data created by a data generation plan.
Public classDefaultDistributionDesignerRepresents the default designer implementation for working with distributions for a data generator at design time.
Public classDefaultGeneratorDesignerProvides a default data generator designer for working with the data generator at design time.
Public classDesignerInitProvides initiation information for extension objects in the Microsoft.Data.Schema.Tools.DataGenerator namespace.
Public classDistributionProvides a base class that enables you to use the declarative API for distributions.
Public classDistributionAttributeIdentifies the designer for the distribution.
Public classDistributionInitProvides initialization information for a Distribution designer.
Public classForeignKeyAttributeIndicates that a particular custom data generator can be selected for columns that are foreign key columns.
Public classGeneratorRepresents the abstract base class for data generators.
Public classGeneratorAttributeIdentifies the designer for the data generator to which it is applied.
Public classGeneratorInitContains the information that is used to initialize an instance of a data generator class.
Public classGeneratorStylesAttributeThe attribute that identifies the generator styles for a data generator.
Public classGeneratorUserExceptionAn exception that can be thrown by implementers of data generators if an error occurs when data is generated.
Public classInputAttributeThe attribute that identifies generator properties as input properties.
Public classInputChangedEventArgsProvides data for the events that occur after the user changes input properties.
Public classInputChangingEventArgsProvides data for the validation events that occur when the user changes input properties.
Public classInputDescriptorDescribes a single input of a data generator.
Public classInputValidationExceptionThe exception that is thrown by those implementers of IGenerator during validation to indicate that an input value is incorrect.
Public classOutputAttributeThe attribute that is used to identify each output property of data generators.
Public classOutputDescriptorDescribes a single output of a data generator.
Public classTableStorageRepresents data generation for a table.
Public classTableStorageContextGenerates new rows and provides information about the current state of row generation.
Public classTableStorageEventArgsContains a message that is related to the associated event.

Public interfaceIDataTransformPlanServicesThe data transform plan feature is used to create a data generation plan from a target database and assign sequential data-bound generators to each column. This effectively creates a data generation plan that copies a source database to the target database. This interface provides information (for a specific database schema provider) that enables this feature for a database schema provider. Generator implementers do not need to implement this interface; database schema provider implementers must implement this interface to enable support for data transform plans on their provider.
Public interfaceIDesignerDefines the contract for distribution designers. IGeneratorDesigner implements this interface. Therefore, this interface also defines the contract for data generators.
Public interfaceIDistributionDefines the distribution contract.
Public interfaceIGeneratorDefines the data generator contract.
Public interfaceIGeneratorDesignerDefines the contract for data generator designers.

Public enumerationAutoAssignedInputSpecifies the types of input properties for a base data generator.
Public enumerationErrorTypeIndicates the kind of failure that has occurred during data generation.
Public enumerationGeneratorDesignerStylesSpecifies how a data generator appears in the user interface for data generation plans.
Public enumerationSeverity

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