Microsoft.Data.Schema.StaticCodeAnalysis Namespace

The Microsoft.Data.Schema.StaticCodeAnalysis namespace provides classes that you can use to create and manage static code analysis rules.

Public classDataRuleProvides a base class for data rules.
Public classDataRuleAttributeDefines a localizable namespace, category, and identifier for the associated rule.
Public classDataRuleEngineLoads and executes data rules.
Public classDataRuleErrorRepresents an error, exception, or warning that is generated by executing a DataRule.
Public classDataRuleExceptionRepresents an exception thrown during the processing of a DataRule.
Public classDataRuleExecutionContextDefines the context in which a static code analysis rule is executed.
Public classDataRuleProblemClass to store the details of an issue that was detected by a rule.
Public classDataRuleProblemSuppressionContextThe context information that is used to suppress an issue that was found through database code analysis.
Public classDataRulePropertiesProvides a set of properties for a DataRule object.
Public classDataRuleSettingContains the settings for a specific rule and a specific configuration.
Public classStaticCodeAnalysisRuleProvides a base class for a group or category of similar rules.
Public classSupportedElementTypeAttributeIndicates the type of element against which a DataRule runs.

Public enumerationDataRuleProblemSeverityDefines the severity levels used to report issues that were found through database code analysis.
Public enumerationDataRuleScopeSpecifies the scope that is examined by a DataRule.

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