Microsoft.Data.Schema.Sql Namespace

This namespace supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Public classMessageGeneratedEventArgsThe data for the events raised by ImportDatabaseEngine and ImportManager MessageGenerated events.
Public classProgressEventArgsUsed to send progress through progress events.
Public classSql100DatabaseSchemaProviderDatabaseSchemaProvider for SQL Server 2008. It will create a DataSchemaModel, script services, and user interaction services for SQL Server 2008.
Public classSql100UserInteractionServicesUser interaction services for SQL Server 2008.
Public classSql80DatabaseSchemaProviderDatabaseSchemaProvider for SQL Server 2000. It will create DataSchemaModel script services, and also user interaction services for SQL Server 2000.
Public classSql80UserInteractionServicesUser interaction services for SQL Server 2000.
Public classSql90DatabaseSchemaProviderDatabaseSchemaProvider for SQL Server 2005. This class creates the DataSchemaModel script service, and the user interaction services for SQL Server 2005.
Public classSql90UserInteractionServicesUserInteractionServices for SQL Server 2005.
Public classSqlDatabaseSchemaProviderBase class for different versions of SQL Server DatabaseSchemaProvider.
Public classSqlDatabaseSchemaProviderFamilyRepresents a collection of database schema providers for the same data source and data provider that are typically written by the same author. The DatabaseSchemaProviders in a family typically differ only in the version of the database that they support. The family name is arbitrary and must be unique. It must be in a form that can be read and typed by humans.
Public classSqlServerErrorRepresents an error that was produced by a SQL Server database schema provider.
Public classSqlUserInteractionServicesProvides SQL Server-specific information that appears in the user interface, such as icons, element names, extension, and so on.

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