InsertStatement Class

Represents the INSERT statement.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Schema.ScriptDom.Sql
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Schema.ScriptDom.Sql (in Microsoft.Data.Schema.ScriptDom.Sql.dll)

public class InsertStatement : DataModificationStatement

The InsertStatement type exposes the following members.

Public methodInsertStatementInitializes a new instance of the InsertStatement class.

Public propertyColumnsGets a list of optional target columns.
Public propertyFirstTokenIndexGets or sets the first token index. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyFragmentLengthGets the fragment length. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyInsertOptionGets or sets the insert option.
Public propertyInsertSourceGets or sets the insert source, which can be ValuesInsertSource, SelectStatement, or ExecuteStatement.
Public propertyLastTokenIndexGets or sets the last token index. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyOptimizerHintsGets a list of optimizer hints. (Inherited from DataModificationStatement.)
Public propertyOutputClauseGets or sets the output clause. (Inherited from DataModificationStatement.)
Public propertyScriptTokenStreamGets or sets a list of token streams. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyStartColumnGets the starting column. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyStartLineGets the starting line. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyStartOffsetGets the fragment start offset value. (Inherited from TSqlFragment.)
Public propertyTargetGets or sets the data modification target. (Inherited from DataModificationStatement.)
Public propertyTopRowFilterGets or sets the top row filter. (Inherited from DataModificationStatement.)
Public propertyWithCommonTableExpressionsAndXmlNamespacesGets or sets the WITH common_table_expression and the XMLNAMESPACES clause. (Inherited from StatementWithCommonTableExpressionsAndXmlNamespaces.)

Public methodAcceptEntry point for a given visitor. (Overrides TSqlFragment.Accept(TSqlFragmentVisitor).)
Public methodAcceptChildrenCalls Accept on the children with the given visitor. (Overrides DataModificationStatement.AcceptChildren(TSqlFragmentVisitor).)
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