This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Data.Schema.SchemaModel.Translation Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

Provides classes to translate an existing data schema model into a target schema model.

Create derived classes to recreate an existing database in another specific type of database.

Public classDataSchemaModelTranslatorProvides a base for a translator class that translates a data schema model to a schema model for a specific database, such as the SQL Server schema model.
Public classModelTranslatorProvides a low-level base class for a translator.
Public classModelTranslatorActionProvides a base class for classes that implement a specific action, such as ModelTranslatorDemoteToAction.
Public classModelTranslatorDefinitionRepresents a container for the actions that accomplish the translation.
Public classModelTranslatorDemoteToActionTransforms the source element into a target element that has fewer properties than the source element.
Public classModelTranslatorDeprecateActionEliminates the source element from the target schema model.
Public classModelTranslatorExceptionThe exception that is thrown by a ModelTranslator or a related object in the Microsoft.Data.Schema.SchemaModel.Translation namespace when an error is encountered. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classModelTranslatorMergeToActionSpecifies how to merge several typed source elements into one element in the target schema.
Public classModelTranslatorPromoteToActionTransforms the source element into a target element that has more properties than the source element.
Public classModelTranslatorSplitToActionSpecifies how to split a typed source element into several other elements in the target schema.
Public classModelTranslatorSplitToTypeCreates a new element in the target schema from one or more parts of an element in the source schema.

Public enumerationModelTranslatorCompatibilityLevelEnumerates the levels of compatibility for a model translator.