This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Data.Schema.SchemaModel.Abstract Namespace

The abstract model contains base interfaces used by all DSPs. It defines basic ANSI SQL elements, such as table.

Public interfaceIColumnRepresents a column and defines a surrogate relationship to IType through ITypeSpecifier.
Public interfaceIColumnSourceRepresents any element that will contain columns, such as ITable or IView.
Public interfaceIFunctionRepresents a function.
Public interfaceIIndexRepresents an index.
Public interfaceIProcedureRepresents a procedure.
Public interfaceIScriptRepresents any element. It does not care about shape, but it does care about body dependencies.
Public interfaceITableRepresents the table element.
Public interfaceITypeRepresents any data type.
Public interfaceITypeSpecifierRepresents the type specifier.
Public interfaceIViewRepresents the view element.