Microsoft.Data.Schema.SchemaModel Namespace
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Data.Schema.SchemaModel Namespace

This namespace houses the various base and core types for the Schema Model. The Schema Model makes up an important part of the DSP implementation, and there are many types of interest in this section.

Public classAnnotationClassThe metadata class for annotations.
Public classDataSchemaModelThe DataSchemaModel is a specialization of the ModelStore. All DSPs must implement a class that inherits this base class.
Public classElementClassThe metadata class for elements.
Public classElementSourceProvides information about the model element source.
Public classIdentifierGroupThis class defines an identifier group. Every element belongs to an identifier group.
Public classModelCollationDefines the type of model collations.
Public classModelElementOwnerInfoRepresents model element owner information.
Public classModelStoreImplements physical storage for a SchemaModel instance.
Public classModelStore.AnnotationUsed as a proxy to the annotation.
Public classModelStore.IdentifierUsed as a proxy to the identifier.
Public classPropertyClassRepresents the metadata class for properties.
Public classPropertyContainerClassRepresents the class of an entity, which can contain properties.
Public classRelationshipClassThe metadata class for relationships.
Public classRelationshipEntrySourceHolds information about a relationship entry source.

Public interfaceIExternalReferencePartsRepresents the parts that define the external reference.
Public interfaceIModelAnnotationRepresents the model annotations used to store feature-specific information on store elements.
Public interfaceIModelAnnotationHolderRepresents the class that has annotations.
Public interfaceIModelElementThe elements in the model derive from this interface.
Public interfaceIModelEntityRepresents an entity linked to a ModelStore.
Public interfaceIModelMultiRelationship<TRelating, TRelated>Used to add multiple relationships.
Public interfaceIModelNamedThe elements in the model that are named should derive from this interface.
Public interfaceIModelPropertyContainerRepresents an entity, which can contain properties.
Public interfaceIModelRelationshipUsed to get both sides of a relationship.
Public interfaceIModelRelationship<TRelating, TRelated>Used to get both sides of a relationship.
Public interfaceIModelRelationshipEntryRepresents a reference from one element to another, which might be unresolved.
Public interfaceIModelReverseMultiRelationship<TRelating, TRelated>Represents the reverse multi relationship.
Public interfaceIModelReverseSingleRelationship<TRelating, TRelated>Represents the reverse single relationship.
Public interfaceIModelSingleRelationship<TRelating, TRelated>If this interface is used, there can be a single element on the right side.
Public interfaceIScriptSourcedElementInterface for all Model Elements that have an element script source.

Public enumerationElementQueryFilterThis enumeration is used to specify the desired elements.
Public enumerationModelElementResolutionStatusSpecifies the model element resolution status.
Public enumerationModelElementValidationStatusSpecifies the model element validation status.
Public enumerationModelRelationshipCardinalityStyleDefines the cardinality style of a relationship.
Public enumerationModelRelationshipTypeDefines the type of relationship.
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