This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Data.Schema.Extensibility Namespace

This namespace contains extensibility classes, such as ExtensionManager. It also includes base types for all extensions and public attributes used to define extensions.

Public classBindingClassificationAttributeUsed by the system to decide whether to turn a feature on or off when that feature is loaded, based on the specified level of binding.
Public classDatabaseSchemaProviderCompatibilityAttributeSpecifies with which database service provider or providers the extended feature will be compatible. This attribute can be applied multiple times for compatibility with multiple providers or features.
Public classDatabaseSchemaProviderFamilyIdentifies a family of providers.
Public classDataProviderServicesProvides a variety of services for an ADO.NET provider.
Public classExtensibilityExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when a problem occurs with instantiating or loading an extension.
Public classExtensionCriteriaAttributeRepresents the extension criteria attribute.
Public classExtensionDeclarationAttributeRepresents the extension declaration attribute.
Public classExtensionDescriptionAttributeRepresents the extension description attribute.
Public classExtensionHandleInfrastructure. Contains the extension type for this extension type.
Public classExtensionHandle<TInterfaceType>Contains the extension type and the named configuration for this extension type.
Public classExtensionLoadErrorRepresents the message used to store an extension load error.
Public classExtensionManagerMaintains an extension context and is responsible for loading extensions. Extensions include the DatabaseSchemaProvider instance that is used by a database project. Each database project maintains a single ExtensionManager instance.
Public classInvalidConnectionStringExceptionRepresents an exception that was thrown because of a connection string that is not valid.
Public classPreviousDatabaseSchemaProviderNameAttributeProvides the name of the DatabaseSchemaProvider for a previous version of the extension, which makes it possible to find the renamed provider by using the old name.

Public interfaceIConnectionStringParserProvides an interface for a connection string parser.
Public interfaceIExtensionImplemented by all extensions that are loaded by an Extension Manager.
Public interfaceIExtensionInformationBase interface for all extensions that require a reference back to their ExtensionHandle.
Public interfaceIExtensionProxy<T>Represents the generic interface for extension proxies.

Public enumerationBindingClassificationThis enumeration is a legacy type for internal Microsoft use and should not be used in your code.