ODataCollectionWriter Class

WCF Data Services 5.0

Represents the base class for OData collection writers.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.OData
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.OData (in Microsoft.Data.OData.dll)

public abstract class ODataCollectionWriter

The ODataCollectionWriter type exposes the following members.

Protected methodODataCollectionWriterCreates a new instance of the ODataCollectionWriter class.

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Public methodFlushFlushes the write buffer to the underlying stream.
Public methodFlushAsyncFlushes the write buffer to the underlying stream asynchronously.
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Public methodWriteEndFinishes writing a collection.
Public methodWriteEndAsyncAsynchronously finish writing a collection.
Public methodWriteItemStarts writing an entry.
Public methodWriteItemAsyncAsynchronously start writing a collection item.
Public methodWriteStartStart writing a collection.
Public methodWriteStartAsyncAsynchronously start writing a collection.

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