ChangeEntityDesignerSelectionEventArgs Class

Defines an EventArgs type that allows extenders of the Entity Designer to drive selection programmatically


Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility (in Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.Extensibility.dll)

public class ChangeEntityDesignerSelectionEventArgs : EventArgs

The ChangeEntityDesignerSelectionEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public methodChangeEntityDesignerSelectionEventArgs Instantiate an ChangeEntityDesignerSelectionEventArgs. The 'SelectionIdentifier' in this case is a delimited string that corresponds to the hierarchy of the selection from the root. For example, to select a property 'Foo' in entity type 'Bar', the SelectionIdentifier would be: Foo.Bar.

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