ValidationExtensionMethods Class

WCF Data Services 5.0

Contains IsBad(IEdmElement) and IsBad(IEdmElement) extension methods.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Edm.Validation
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Edm (in Microsoft.Data.Edm.dll)

public static class ValidationExtensionMethods

The ValidationExtensionMethods type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberErrorsGets the errors, if any, that belong to this element or elements that this element contains. For example errors for a structural type include the errors of the type itself and errors of its declared properties. The method does not analyze elements referenced by this element. For example errors of a property do not include errors from its type.
Public methodStatic memberIsBadIndicates whether this element contains errors returned by the Errors(IEdmElement) method.
Public methodStatic memberTypeErrorsGets the errors, if any, that belong to this type reference or its definition.

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