WebAuthorContext.InvokedAction Event

Content Management Server
Occurs when an action control notifies WebAuthorContext that it is being invoked.

Namespace: Microsoft.ContentManagement.WebControls
Assembly: Microsoft.ContentManagement.WebControls (in microsoft.contentmanagement.webcontrols.dll)

public event InvokedActionEventHandler InvokedAction
/** @event */
public void add_InvokedAction (InvokedActionEventHandler value)

/** @event */
public void remove_InvokedAction (InvokedActionEventHandler value)

The PerformedAction event is a related event.

For some action controls, the two events can be used interchangeably, such as SwitchToPresentationPublishedAction. It makes no difference whether you use the InvokedAction or PerformedAction event, because the state of the system is identical in the two events.

InvokedAction is not raised for any action based on BaseNewWindowAction when its behavior is hooked up on the client-side using ActionJavascript. The following code example shows an action that opens a dialog box with client-side code, thereby not triggering the InvokedAction event.

<CmsConsole:ProductionManagerAction id="ProductionManagerAction1" runat="server">

<A id="ProductionManagerAnchor" href="#" onclick="<%# Container.ActionJavascript %>;return false" target=_self>

<%# Container.Text %>



This event will be raised for all actions derived from BasePostbackAction and for BaseNewWindowAction built using ASP.NET postback controls.