Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Orders Namespace

The Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Orders namespace contains the configuration section handlers for the Commerce Server .NET Application Framework.

The Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Orders namespace encompasses all the functionality of the Order Capture system from a web site. Specifically, you can use the capabilities provided by the Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Orders namespace to implement a shopping cart, or "basket". You can also implement an order template, or "wish list".

The functionality of the Order Capture system is generic: that is, you can choose to use other systems instead of Commerce Server-specific components. However, the Order Capture system offers integration features with other Commerce Server components. For example, you can automatically pre-populate fields of the basket during creation from the User Profile Management system by configuring settings in the web.config file. You can also take advantage of formalized data structures in the object model which encapsulate Marketing concepts.

ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifAddressMapMissingExceptionThe exception that is thrown when there is no address map configured in Web.config.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifBasketRepresents a customer's shopping cart.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifCashCardPaymentRepresents a cash card type of payment.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifCommerceOrderModule CommerceOrderModule is responsible for creating the default OrderContext for the site. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifConfiguredLimitExceededExceptionThe exception that is thrown when limits that are defined in Web.config have been exceeded.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifCreditCardPaymentRepresents a credit card type of payment.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifDiscountApplicationRecordProvides an interface to the information written by the discount components from the marketing subsystem.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifDiscountApplicationRecordBaseProvides an interface to the information written by the discount components from the marketing subsystem.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifDiscountApplicationRecordCollectionRepresents a collection of DiscountApplicationRecord objects.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifGiftCertificatePaymentRepresents a gift certificate type of payment.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifIdentifiersExhaustedExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the IDs are exhausted in the IdentityCounter table.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifLineItemRepresents a line item on an order form.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifLineItemCollectionRepresents a collection of LineItem objects.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifMappedClassDataMismatchExceptionThe exception that is thrown when information retrieved for loading mapped classes does not match expected formats defined in the mapping.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifMappingExceptionThe exception that is thrown if SchemaMapping or PipelineAdapter fail to initialize.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderAddressContains an address associated with an order group.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderAddressCollectionRepresents a collection of OrderAddress objects.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderContextThe starting point for all orders related operations in the order capture system. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderContextNotInitializedExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a MappedStorageBase attempts to get an order system from Current, and the order context is nullNothingnullptra null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderFormManages customers order forms.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderFormCollectionRepresents a collection of OrderForm objects. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderFormMarshallingExceptionThe exception that is thrown during pipeline execution when an error occurs while marshalling a CommerceDictionary to and from an OrderForm object.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderGroupRepresents an order in a Commerce Server application.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderGroupCollectionRepresents a collection of OrderGroup objects.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderTemplateEnables customers to create re-usable shopping wish lists. Encapsulates an order template in the Commerce order system.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPaymentRepresents a payment mechanism, such as a credit card.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPaymentCollectionThis class cannot be inherited. Represents a collection of Payment objects.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPipelineAdapter PipelineAdapter allows the marshalling of the data from a new dotnet object model into the commerce server dictionaries.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPipelineInfoEncapsulates a context dictionary and pipeline message collection used during execution of an Orders pipeline.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPromoCodeRecordRepresents the results of the PromoCode Pipeline Components execution.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPromoCodeRecordCollectionThis class cannot be inherited. Represents a collection of Marketing Promotion Codes associated with an order form instance.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPromoCodeStringCollectionRepresents a collection of Promotion Code strings. This class cannot be inherited.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPropertyConflictExceptionThe exception that is thrown when adding an item to a weakly-typed property indexer and a conflict is discovered with a strongly-typed property name.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPurchaseOrderManages a placed purchase order.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifPurchaseOrderPaymentRepresents a purchase order payment.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifShipmentRepresents a shipment associated with a specific order form.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifShipmentCollectionThis class cannot be inherited. Represents a collection of shipments.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifShippingDiscountCollectionThis class cannot be inherited. Represents a collection of shipping discount records for the shipments related to an order form.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifShippingDiscountRecordProvides an interface to the information written by the discount components in the marketing subsystem for shipping discounts.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifSqlSchemaValidationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the orders storage mapping file relational schema definition does not agree with the actual SQL Server relational schema.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifUnexpectedContainedTypeExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a collection member of a class contains an instance of a class that is not mapped in the orders object mapping configuration file.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifWeaklyTypedPropertyDictionaryProvide orders-specific support for weakly-typed properties.
ms986557.pubclass(en-US,CS.90).gifWeaklyTypedPropertyTypeExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the type of a weakly-typed property value set in a class mapped to storage is not compatible with the type of the column to which the value maps.

ms986557.pubenumeration(en-US,CS.90).gifOrderPipelineTypeSpecifies the pipeline type information.
ms986557.pubenumeration(en-US,CS.90).gifPipelineExecutionResultSpecifies the possible return values of the RunPipeline method.