RegionCodeDataSet.StateCodesRowChangeEventHandler Delegate
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RegionCodeDataSet.StateCodesRowChangeEventHandler Delegate

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Represents the method that will handle the RegionCodeDataSet..::.StateCodesRowChangeEvent events of a RegionCodeDataSet..::.StateCodesDataTable.

Namespace:  Microsoft.CommerceServer.Orders
Assembly:  Microsoft.CommerceServer.Orders.CrossTierTypes (in Microsoft.CommerceServer.Orders.CrossTierTypes.dll)

public delegate void StateCodesRowChangeEventHandler(
	Object sender,
	RegionCodeDataSet..::.StateCodesRowChangeEvent e

Delegate for events on the RegionCodeDataSet..::.StateCodesDataTable.

The event handler receives an argument of type RegionCodeDataSet..::.StateCodesRowChangeEvent containing data related to this event.

When you create a RegionCodeDataSet..::.StateCodesRowChangeEventHandler delegate, you identify the method that will handle the event. To associate the event with your event handler, add an instance of the delegate to the event. The event handler is called whenever the event occurs, unless you remove the delegate. For more information about event-handler delegates, see Events and Delegates.

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