Microsoft.Clm.Shared.ProfileTemplates Namespace

Provides classes that represent profile templates.

The Microsoft.Clm.Provision API provides access to the profile templates in read-only form. Client applications cannot modify the profile templates through the Microsoft.Clm.Provision API. Client application should not instantiate ProfileTemplate objects. Instead, client applications should call the CLM APIs that return ProfileTemplate objects.

Public classApplicationSecurityDescriptorDescribes a security descriptor.
Public classCertificateAuthorityDescribes a certification authority (CA) that is known to CLM.
Public classCertificateTemplateDescribes selected certificate template settings.
Public classDataCollectionEncapsulates a collection of DataCollectionItem objects.
Public classDataCollectionItemDescribes a data collection item.
Public classDataCollectionItemStorageDescribes how a data collection item is stored.
Public classDataCollectionItemValidationDescribes how a data collection item is validated.
Public classDuplicatePolicyDescribes the duplicate policy for a profile template.
Public classEmailTemplateDescribes the e-mail template for a policy.
Public classEnrollPolicyDescribes the enroll policy for a profile template.
Public classExternalCertificatesDescribes the configuration for external certificates.
Public classOfflineUnblockPolicyDescribes the offline unblock policy for a profile template.
Public classOneTimePasswordDistributionDescribes how one-time passwords are distributed.
Public classOneTimePasswordPolicyDescribes the policy for one-time passwords.
Public classOnlineUpdatePolicyDescribes the online update policy for a profile template.
Public classPersonalizationOptionsDescribes personalization options for a smart card.
Public classPolicyDocumentDescribes a policy document.
Public classPolicyDocumentsEncapsulates a collection of PolicyDocument objects.
Public classProfileTemplateDefines a profile template.
Public classProfileTemplatePolicyDescribes a profile template policy.
Public classRecoverOnBehalfPolicyDescribes the recover-on-behalf policy for a profile template.
Public classRecoverPolicyDescribes the recover policy for a profile template.
Public classReinstatePolicyDescribes the reinstate policy for a profile template.
Public classRenewPolicyDescribes the renew policy for a profile template.
Public classRetirePolicyDescribes the retire policy for a profile template.
Public classRevocationOptionsDescribes the revocation options for a policy.
Public classRevokePolicyDescribes the revoke policy for a profile template.
Public classServerKeyGenerationDescribes the server key generation configuration for a profile template.
Public classSmartcardConfigDescribes smart card configuration options for a profile template.
Public classSmartcardPinPolicyDescribes the smart card PIN policy.
Public classSmartcardPrintPolicyDescribes the smart card print policy for use with the Datacard® ID Works® Identification Software v5.1 Enterprise Edition.
Public classTemporaryCardsPolicyDescribes the temporary smart cards policy for a profile template.
Public classUnblockPolicyDescribes the unblock policy for a profile template.

Public enumerationApplicationUserRoleDefines application user roles for data collection items.
Public enumerationDataCollectionItemStorageFlagsDefines flags that describe how the data can be stored.
Public enumerationDataCollectionItemStorageTypeDefines the types of storage methods that can be used to store data collection items.
Public enumerationDataCollectionItemTypeDefines data types for data collection items.
Public enumerationDataCollectionItemValidationTypeDefines methods by which data collection items are validated.
Public enumerationDeliveryTypeDefines methods for how policy documents will be delivered.
Public enumerationKeyGeneratorOptionsDefines the options for how a server key generator generates keys.
Public enumerationPasswordDistributionTypeDefines distribution methods for one-time passwords.
Public enumerationPinCharacterSetDefines smart card PIN character set options for both the user PIN and administrator PIN configuration.
Public enumerationProfileTemplateTypeDefines the types of profile templates.
Public enumerationRevocationReasonDefines reasons why a certificate can be revoked.
Public enumerationSmartcardProviderTypeDefines types of smart card providers.
Public enumerationUserPinOptionDefines the options for the initial user PIN policy for a smart card.
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