Microsoft.Clm.Shared Namespace

Provides general helper classes and definitions for CLM.

Public classCertificateRequestExceptionDescribes a certificate request exception.
Public classClmInvalidDataExceptionDescribes an invalid data exception.
Public classClmInvalidProfileTemplateDataExceptionDescribes an invalid data exception for data related to a profile template.
Public classClmSmartcardDecodingClientTokenExceptionDescribes a smart card exception that occurred when decoding a client token.
Public classClmSmartcardExceptionDescribes a smart card exception.
Public classClmSmartcardProcessingClientTokenExceptionDescribes a smart card exception that occurred when processing a client token.
Public classClmValidationCustomClassExceptionDescribes a custom class data validation exception.
Public classClmValidationDataRequiredExceptionDescribes a data required data validation exception.
Public classClmValidationDataTypeExceptionDescribes an invalid data type data validation exception.
Public classClmValidationExceptionDescribes a validation exception.
Public classClmValidationRegularExpressionExceptionDescribes a regular expression data validation exception.
Public classClmWorkflowExceptionDescribes a workflow exception.
Public classDocumentDescribes a client document or server document that is associated with a CLM request.

Public interfaceINotificationSinkProvides an interface for a notification handler.

Public enumerationClmSmartcardException.ErrorIdDefines identifiers for the types of errors that are associated with smart card exceptions.
Public enumerationClmSmartcardException.ExceptionSubTypeDefines specific types of smart card exceptions.
Public enumerationRequestPermissionDefines permissions that apply to CLM requests.
Public enumerationUserPermissionDefines permissions that can be performed for other users.
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