DispatcherOptions Enumeration

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Dispatcher configuration options

Namespace: Microsoft.Ccr.Core
Assembly: Microsoft.Ccr.Core (in Microsoft.Ccr.Core.dll) Version: (

public enum DispatcherOptions

Member nameValueDescription
None0 Default options will be used
UseBackgroundThreads1 The Task Execution Worker Threads will be created as background threads, allowing application exit even if they are active
UseProcessorAffinity2 Task Execution Worker Threads will be assigned on an individual core. If number of threads is greater than number of cores, the dispatcher will equally distribute threads per core
SuppressDisposeExceptions4 Attempting to enqueue or dequeue tasks after Dispose is called on the Dispatcher and its associated queues will silently fail instead of throwing exceptions
UseHighAccuracyTimerLogic8 Enablesspecial timer logic that achieves low jitter, high cycle rate timer notifications but with higher context switching cost. Use only if sub 15ms timer intervals are required