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PortMode Enumeration

Microsoft Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Class Reference
Port operation modes

Namespace: Microsoft.Ccr.Core.Arbiters
Assembly: Microsoft.Ccr.Core (in Microsoft.Ccr.Core.dll) Version: (

public enum PortMode

Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Default port mode, no optimizations based on registered receivers
OptimizedSingleReissueReceiver1 Port posting is optimized with the assumption only a single re-issue receiver is registered and it is a single phase (always consumes message during evaluation

This mode should be used with caution. It has strict requirements on the receiver that must be registered with the port: 1) Only one receiver must be registered 2) Receiver must be re-issue 3) Receiver.Process() must be implemented in the derived receiver class Note: When the port is in this mode causalities are not propagated.
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