AuthoritativeDataStatus Enumeration

SharePoint 2010

Represents the authoritative data status of the External Item.

Namespace:  Microsoft.BusinessData.Offlining
Assembly:  Microsoft.BusinessData (in Microsoft.BusinessData.dll)

public enum AuthoritativeDataStatus

Member nameDescription
FreshIndicates the authoritative data is valid and complies with the freshness requirements specified by the relevant cache subscriptions.
StaleIndicates the authoritative data is valid, but is no longer fresh according to at least one cache subscription.
ObsoleteIndicates the authoritative data was valid at some point, but due to a local operation, it is very likely or true that the state of its data no longer reflects the expected external system state.
InvalidIndicates the authoritative data is not valid because it was either constructed locally and does not represent the external system state, or it is internally inconsistent. Invalid is a transient state the system needs to perform initial population of the authoritative row; however, after it is fully populated with external system data, it never returns to the Invalid status.