This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CommandLineToolSwitch Class

An enumeration of the different types for switches on a command line.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Xaml
Assembly:  Microsoft.Build.Tasks.v4.0 (in Microsoft.Build.Tasks.v4.0.dll)

public class CommandLineToolSwitch

The CommandLineToolSwitch type exposes the following members.

Public methodCommandLineToolSwitch()Initializes a new [CommandLineToolSwitch] to hold the name, tool, attributes, dependent switches, and values.
Public methodCommandLineToolSwitch(CommandLineToolSwitchType)Initializes a new [CommandLineToolSwitch] to hold the name, tool, attributes, dependent switches, and values.

Public propertyAllowMultipleValuesIndicates if multiple values are allowed.
Public propertyArgumentRequiredIndicates if arguments are required.
Public propertyBooleanValueContains the Boolean value of the command line switch.
Public propertyDescriptionDescribes the switch.
Public propertyDisplayNameContains the display name of the switch.
Public propertyFallbackArgumentParameterContains the fallback parameter.
Public propertyFalseSuffixContains the suffix to use when the switch is false or negated.
Public propertyIsValidIndicates if the switch is valid.
Public propertyNameContains the name of the switch.
Public propertyNumberContains the value for integer type switches.
Public propertyOverridesContains overrides for the switch.
Public propertyParentsContains parents for the switch.
Public propertyRequiredIndicates if the switch is required.
Public propertyReverseSwitchValueContains the reverse switch text.
Public propertyReversibleIndicates if the switch is reversable.
Public propertySeparatorContains the separator between the switch and its arguments.
Public propertyStringListContains a list of strings.
Public propertySwitchValueContains the value for the switch.
Public propertyTaskItemArrayContains an array of task items.
Public propertyTrueSuffixContains the suffix to use when the switch is true.
Public propertyTypeContains the type of the switch.
Public propertyValueContains the value of the switch.

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