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Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Xaml Namespace

Provides classes related to XAML build tasks.

  Class Description
Public class AttributeData Specifies attribute data.
Public class AttributeParameterData Specifies attribute parameter data.
Public class BuildExtensionContext Specifies settings for the build extension context.
Public class ClassData Specifies class data settings.
Public class CommandLineArgumentRelation Encapsulations the relations between command line arguments.
Public class CommandLineGenerator Class for generating command lines.
Public class CommandLineToolSwitch Represents a single command line tool switch.
Public class CompilationPass2Task Represents an MS Build task that verifies that all the types referenced in the original input XAML files are resolved.
Public class GenerateTemporaryAssemblyTask An MS Build task that generates a temporary assembly by compiling the source files generated by the PartialClassGenerationTask.
Public class NamedObject Represents a named object.
Public class PartialClassGenerationTask Accesses XAML files that define types (with x:Class) and generates the corresponding source code that can be compiled into an assembly.
Public class PropertyData Specifies property data.
Public class PropertyRelation Expresses a relationship between an argument and a property.
Public class XamlBuildTypeGenerationExtensionContext Specifies settings for the build type generation extension context.
Public class XamlBuildTypeInspectionExtensionContext Specifies information about the XAML build type inspection context.
Public class XamlDataDrivenToolTask Represents the tasks generated by the Xaml task factory.

  Interface Description
Public interface IXamlBuildTypeGenerationExtension Specifies information about the XAML build type generation extension.
Public interface IXamlBuildTypeInspectionExtension Specifies information about the XAML build type inspection extension.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CommandLineToolSwitchType Enumerates the types for command line switches.
Public enumeration MemberVisibility Specifies the member visibility options.
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