This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Xaml Namespace

Contains classes that define MS Build tasks for resolving of types found in XAML files, source code generation from XAML files, and compilation of this source code into a temporary assembly.

Public classCommandLineArgumentRelationEncapsulations the relations between command line arguments.
Public classCommandLineGeneratorClass for generating command lines.
Public classCommandLineToolSwitchAn enumeration of the different types for switches on a command line.
Public classCompilationPass2TaskAn MS Build task that verifies that all the types referenced in the original input XAML files are resolved.
Public classGenerateTemporaryAssemblyTaskAn MS Build task that generates a temporary assembly by compiling the source files generated by the PartialClassGenerationTask.
Public classPartialClassGenerationTaskThis task accesses XAML files that define types (with x:Class) and generates the corresponding source code that can be compiled into an assembly.
Public classPropertyRelationExpresses a relationship between an argument and a property.
Public classXamlDataDrivenToolTaskClass for tasks generated by the Xaml task factory.

Public enumerationCommandLineToolSwitchTypeEnumerates the types for command line switches.