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ICscHostObject Interface

Defines an interface that allows the Csc task to communicate with the host integrated development environment (IDE).

Namespace:  Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Hosting
Assembly:  Microsoft.Build.Tasks.v4.0 (in Microsoft.Build.Tasks.v4.0.dll)

public interface ICscHostObject : ITaskHost

The ICscHostObject type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginInitializationBegins the initialization of the ICscHostObject.
Public methodCompileCompiles the project.
Public methodEndInitializationEnds the initialization of the ICscHostObject with the specified error message and code.
Public methodIsDesignTimeReturns a value indicating whether the integrated development environment (IDE) is currently in design time mode.
Public methodIsUpToDateReturns a value indicating whether the compiled project is up-to-date.
Public methodSetAdditionalLibPathsSpecifies additional directories to search for references.
Public methodSetAddModulesSpecifies one or more modules to be part of the assembly.
Public methodSetAllowUnsafeBlocksSpecifies a value indicating whether to allow code that uses the unsafe keyword to compile.
Public methodSetBaseAddressSpecifies the preferred base address at which to load a DLL.
Public methodSetCheckForOverflowUnderflowSpecifies a value indicating whether integer arithmetic that overflows the bounds of the data type causes an exception at run time.
Public methodSetCodePageSpecifies the code page to use for all source code files in the compilation.
Public methodSetDebugTypeSpecifies the debug type.
Public methodSetDefineConstantsSpecifies the preprocessor symbols to define.
Public methodSetDelaySignSpecifies a value indicating whether to create a fully signed assembly.
Public methodSetDisabledWarningsSpecifies the list of warnings to disable.
Public methodSetDocumentationFileSpecifies the XML file in which to save processed documentation comments.
Public methodSetEmitDebugInformationSpecifies a value indicating whether to generate debugging information and place it in a program database (.pdb) file.
Public methodSetErrorReportSpecifies a value that indicates how internal compiler errors are reported to Microsoft.
Public methodSetFileAlignmentSpecifies the size of sections in the output file.
Public methodSetGenerateFullPathsSpecifies a value indicating whether to specify the absolute path to the file in the compiler output.
Public methodSetKeyContainerSpecifies the name of the cryptographic key container.
Public methodSetKeyFileSpecifies the file name containing the cryptographic key.
Public methodSetLangVersionSpecifies the version of the language to use.
Public methodSetLinkResourcesCreates links to the specified .NET Framework resources in the output file; the resource files are not placed in the output file.
Public methodSetMainEntryPointSpecifies the location of the Main method.
Public methodSetModuleAssemblyNameSpecifies an assembly whose non-public types a .netmodule can access.
Public methodSetNoConfigSpecifies a value indicating whether to prevent the compiler from compiling with the csc.rsp file.
Public methodSetNoStandardLibSpecifies a value indicating whether to prevent the import of mscorlib.dll.
Public methodSetOptimizeSpecifies a value indicating whether to enable optimizations.
Public methodSetOutputAssemblySpecifies the name of the output file.
Public methodSetPdbFileSpecifies the program database (.pdb) file in which to place generated debugging information.
Public methodSetPlatformSpecifies the processor platform to be targeted by the output file.
Public methodSetReferencesSpecifies the items from which to import public type information into the current project.
Public methodSetResourcesSpecifies the .NET Framework resources to embed into the output file.
Public methodSetResponseFilesSpecifies the response files that contain commands for the compiler.
Public methodSetSourcesSpecifies one or more Visual C# source files.
Public methodSetTargetTypeSpecifies the file format of the output file.
Public methodSetTreatWarningsAsErrorsSpecifies a value indicating whether to treat all warnings as errors.
Public methodSetWarningLevelSpecifies the warning level, from 0-4.
Public methodSetWarningsAsErrorsSpecifies a list of warnings to treat as errors.
Public methodSetWarningsNotAsErrorsSpecifies a list of warnings that are not treated as errors.
Public methodSetWin32IconSpecifies an .ico file to insert into the assembly.
Public methodSetWin32ResourceSpecifies a Win32 resource (.res) file to insert into the output file.

This interface allows the Csc task to delegate project compilation to the IDE rather than using command line compilers.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0
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