DeployManifest Members

Represents a ClickOnce deployment manifest.

The following tables list the members exposed by the DeployManifest type.

  Name Description
Public method DeployManifest Initializes a new instance of the DeployManifest class.

  Name Description
Public property AssemblyIdentity  Gets or sets the identity of the manifest.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property AssemblyReferences  Returns the set of assemblies that the manifest references.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property DeploymentUrl Specifies the update location for the application.
Public property Description  Gets or sets a textual description for the manifest.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property DisallowUrlActivation Specifies whether the application should be blocked from being activated using a URL.
Public property EntryPoint Overridden. Identifies a deployment reference that is the entry point of the application.
Public property FileReferences  Returns the set of files that the manifest references.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property InputStream  Gets or sets the input stream from which the manifest was read.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property Install Specifies whether the application is an installed application or an online-only application.
Public property MapFileExtensions Specifies whether or not the .deploy file extension mapping is used.
Public property MinimumRequiredVersion Specifies the minimum required version for an application.
Public property OutputMessages  Returns a collection of current error and warning messages.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property Product Specifies the name of the application.
Public property Publisher Specifies the publisher of the application.
Public property ReadOnly  Gets or sets whether the manifest is operating in read-only or read-write mode.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property SourcePath  Gets or sets the location where the manifest was loaded or saved.(Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property SupportUrl Specifies the link that appears in the Add/Remove Programs dialog for the application.
Public property TrustUrlParameters Specifies whether or not URL query-string parameters are made available to the application.
Public property UpdateEnabled Specifies whether or not the application is updatable.
Public property UpdateInterval Specifies the update interval for the application.
Public property UpdateMode Specifies whether updates should be checked in the foreground before starting the application, or in the background as the application is running.
Public property UpdateUnit Specifies the units for the UpdateInterval property.
Public property XmlAssemblyIdentity  (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property XmlAssemblyReferences  (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property XmlDeploymentUrl  
Public property XmlDescription  (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property XmlDisallowUrlActivation  
Public property XmlFileReferences  (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property XmlInstall  
Public property XmlMapFileExtensions  
Public property XmlMinimumRequiredVersion  
Public property XmlProduct  
Public property XmlPublisher  
Public property XmlSchema  (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public property XmlSupportUrl  
Public property XmlTrustUrlParameters  
Public property XmlUpdateEnabled  
Public property XmlUpdateInterval  
Public property XmlUpdateMode  
Public property XmlUpdateUnit  

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Public method ResolveFiles  Overloaded. (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public method ToString  Returns the manifest name. (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public method UpdateFileInfo  Updates file information for each referenced assembly and file. (Inherited from Manifest.)
Public method Validate Overridden. Performs various checks to verify the validity of the manifest. Any resulting errors or warnings are reported in the OutputMessageCollection object.

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