DeployManifest.MapFileExtensions Property


Gets or sets a value indicating whether .deploy file extension mapping is used.

MSBuild is now included in Visual Studio instead of the .NET Framework. You can use MSBuild 12.0 side-by-side with versions previously deployed with the .NET Framework.For more information, see What's New in MSBuild 12.0.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Deployment.ManifestUtilities
Assembly:  Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Core (in Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Core.dll)

public bool MapFileExtensions { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean

true if .deploy file extension mapping is used; otherwise, false.

If this property is set to true, every program file is published with a .deploy file extension. This setting is useful for Web server security to limit the number of file extensions that have to be unblocked to enable ClickOnce application deployment. The default is false.

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