Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Deployment.ManifestUtilities Namespace

The Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Deployment.ManifestUtilities namespace contains classes that MSBuild uses.

Public classApplicationIdentityProvides a unique identifier for a ClickOnce application.
Public classApplicationManifestDescribes a ClickOnce or native Win32 application manifest.
Public classAssemblyIdentitySpecifies the identity of the manifest.
Public classAssemblyManifestDescribes a Win32 assembly manifest.
Public classAssemblyReferenceDescribes a manifest assembly reference.
Public classAssemblyReferenceCollectionProvides a collection for manifest assembly references.
Public classBaseReferenceDescribes base functionality common to both file references and assembly references.
Public classComClassRepresents a COM class.
Public classDeployManifestRepresents a ClickOnce deployment manifest.
Public classFileReferenceDescribes a manifest file reference.
Public classFileReferenceCollectionRepresents a collection for manifest file references.
Public classManifestThis class represents base functionality common to all supported manifest types.
Public classManifestReaderReads an XML manifest file into an object representation.
Public classManifestWriterWrites an object representation of a manifest to XML.
Public classOutputMessageThis class represents an error, warning, or informational output message for the manifest generator.
Public classOutputMessageCollectionThis class represent a collection for output messages.
Public classProxyStubThe ProxyStub object is used for automation interfaces.
Public classSecurityUtilitiesProvides a set of utility functions for manipulating security permision sets and signing.
Public classTrustInfoThis class represents the application security trust information.
Public classTypeLibRepresents a type library.
Public classWindowClass 

Public enumerationAssemblyIdentity.FullNameFlagsThis class represents the attributes that the GetFullName function returns.
Public enumerationAssemblyReferenceTypeThis class represents the type of an assembly reference.
Public enumerationOutputMessageTypeSpecifies the type of output message as either an error, warning, or informational.
Public enumerationUpdateModeSpecifies how the application checks for updates.
Public enumerationUpdateUnitSpecifies the units for the update interval.