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Microsoft.Build.Logging Namespace

Contains types used for logging the progress of a build. For information, see MSBuild.

  Class Description
Public class ConfigurableForwardingLogger Represents a logger that forwards events to a central logger (e.g ConsoleLogger) residing on the parent node.
Public class ConsoleLogger Represents the default logger that outputs event data to the console (stdout).
Public class DistributedFileLogger This class creates a text file which will contain the build log for a node.
Public class FileLogger A specialization of the ConsoleLogger that logs to a file instead of the console.
Public class ForwardingLoggerRecord Represents a central/forwarding logger pair used in multiprocessor logging.
Public class LoggerDescription Contains information about a logger as a collection of values that can be used to instantiate the logger and can be serialized to be passed between different processes.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ColorResetter Type of delegate used to reset console color.
Public delegate ColorSetter Type of delegate used to set console color.
Public delegate WriteHandler Delegate used for writing a string to some location like the console window or the IDE build window.
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