This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Build.Framework.XamlTypes Namespace

Classes used to represent XAML types parsed from files, rules, and other sources.

Public classArgumentRepresents an argument to a BaseProperty.
Public classBasePropertyRepresents a Rule property.
Public classBoolPropertyRepresents the schema of a Boolean property.
Public classCategoryRepresents a category to which a BaseProperty can belong.
Public classCategorySchemaThe CategorySchema provides a strongly-typed identity handle to the underlying schema data model.
Public classContentTypeUsed to deserialize the content type information
Public classDataSourceRepresents the location and grouping for a BaseProperty.
Public classDynamicEnumPropertyRepresents the schema of an enumeration property.
Public classEnumPropertyRepresents the schema of an enumeration property.
Public classEnumValueRepresents an admissible value of an EnumProperty.
Public classFileExtensionA simple class that deserializes content type data.
Public classIntPropertyRepresent the schema of an integer property.
Public classItemTypeUsed to deserialize the item type information.
Public classNameValuePairRepresents a name-value pair. The name cannot be null or empty.
Public classProjectSchemaDefinitionsRepresents a data-driven XAML script project schema.
Public classRuleUsed to represent the schema information for a Tool, a Custom Build Rule, a PropertyPage, and so on.
Public classRuleBagA container for Rule instances.
Public classRuleSchemaThe RuleSchema provides a strongly-typed identity handle to the underlying schema data model.
Public classStringListPropertyRepresents the schema of a list-of-strings property.
Public classStringPropertyRepresents the schema of a string property.
Public classValueEditorRepresents a value editor.

Public interfaceIProjectSchemaNodeDefines an interface that all root classes from project schema XAML files must implement.