This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IEventSource Members

Defines the events raised by the build engine. Loggers receive an object implementing this interface in their Initialize method and use it to subscribe to the events they are interested in receiving.

The IEventSource type exposes the following members.

Public event AnyEventRaised Occurs when a build raises any other type of build event.
Public event BuildFinished Occurs when a build finishes.
Public event BuildStarted Occurs when a build starts.
Public event CustomEventRaised Occurs when a build raises a custom event.
Public event ErrorRaised Occurs when a build raises an error.
Public event MessageRaised Occurs when a build raises a message.
Public event ProjectFinished Occurs when a project finishes building.
Public event ProjectStarted Occurs when a project starts building.
Public event StatusEventRaised Occurs when a build raises a status event.
Public event TargetFinished Occurs when a target finishes building.
Public event TargetStarted Occurs when a target starts building.
Public event TaskFinished Occurs when a task completes execution.
Public event TaskStarted Occurs when a task begins execution.
Public event WarningRaised Occurs when a build raises a warning.